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4 juin 2013 0 Comments

Ever had a mad urge to start a vegetable garden?

Ever had a mad urge to have a vegetable garden?  I watched a TED talk about incredible Edible and I got the bug.  Here’s what I built. I admit its not huge, but taking the turf off was really hard work and took several days. It’s a circular plan which may look odd to some […]

15 mai 2013 1 Comment

La Pépinière Cultidelta

This project, designed and planted by Cultidelta, is an experimental garden with indigenous plants adapted for hot dry climates. I look forward to seeing how the plants manage with no irrigation. Sustainable planting is going to have to be drought resistant

16 janvier 2013 0 Comments

Need some inspiration?

Need some inspiration I find Pinterest is a fantastic source have a quick look at some of the images I’ve collected so far

4 septembre 2012 0 Comments

So you want to reduce the maintenance of your « french garden » ? part one

So you really want to reduce the maintenance in your french garden ? Garden maintenance, the war on weeds, call it as you wish it’s never going to go away. Here are my top tips for gradually changing your tactics so that you can spend less time working on your garden and more time enjoying it. […]

21 juin 2012 0 Comments

I want to be a landscape architect – The film.

This little film shows just how varied a landscape architects work can be ….

24 mai 2011 0 Comments

Greenfrog in the Pyrenees!

Greenfrog is now working part time with another landscape consulting company called Terrehistoire. Based up in the pyrenees near Luchon. Terrehistoire is a well established office with experience in a huge range of domains, ranging from wind farms, and grid pylons to restoration of private gardens or urban renovation in historic town centres. Check out […]

19 mars 2011 0 Comments

Collection incroyable de Variétés de Magnolias

C’est maintenant ! Ils sont en fleurs ,venez les voir car ça ne va pas durer et ils sont magnifiques La Pépinière d’Engandou a Montaigut sur Save 31530 est responsable d’une incroyable  collection de Magnolias.