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English Landscape architect in Toulouse

Greenfrog is run by Penny Sadoudi, a British Mum and Landscape architect. Qualified in the UK with experience in England before travelling south to work in Paris, first on Euro-Disneyland then further south to Pibrac, She seized an opportunity for change again to work in the Middle East on the fantastic projects of Dubai and Abudhabi. After all those changes she has finally come ‘home’ to Toulouse and started up the practice again! All the different environnements, climates and cultures she has adapted to have enriched and diversified the ideas she holds about the landscape

Charles Darwin claimed “that it is not the strongest of the species who survive but those most able to cope with change” and with that in mind she has decided to base her approach to garden and landscape design on embracing change.

Any landscape is by nature in constant evolution. Who has not planted something only to take it out later because they hadn’t anticipated change?  In the context of a garden we can add into the equation, family changes, seasonal changes, and very often for expats. the soil and climate are unlike any we are used to. Here in Toulouse we struggle with soil best suited to making bricks and an almost continental climate of extremes of sun wind and cold.

Penny’s aim is to help her clients set up a framework in their gardens which enable

  • Maximum potential for change, flexibility and evolution
  • Maximum enjoyment of the garden
  • Minimum maintenance (because we’re all to busy to get hung up on weeding)
  • Maximum effect from well chosen and strategically placed plants and trees

Since clients all have different ideas of how they like to use their gardens Greenfrog offer a menu of flexible services ranging from:

“The rough guide” for a DIY garden

A questionnaire, a chat, a look around the garden, some ideas, a quick sketch on the kitchen table, some plant lists and materials (choice and suppliers) suggestions according to needs, on a very casual friendly basis

Cost : a cup of coffee and 60-100Euros depending on the scope

“The Grand plan” for DIY or contractors to build

A questionnaire, a chat, a look around the garden, some ideas, a quick sketch on the kitchen table, A Master plan of the chosen project drawn to scale and followed by detailed planting plans with schedules and hard landscape details according to requirements, could include masonry, lighting, irrigation, earthworks, swimming pools etc. Site supervision or ongoing maintenance advice as required

Cost: ranges between 500 and 2000 Euros depending on the garden.

“La Totale”

The full works! A truly bespoke garden design and build service from A to Z. Includes all plans, tender documents and site supervision. Its just all organised for you!

Fees calculated as a % of works.

But since Penny is open to change, should you require something different she can probably adapt! Call Penny on 06 33 45 42 81 to chat,

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