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Ever had a mad urge to start a vegetable garden?

Ever had a mad urge to have a vegetable garden?  I watched a TED talk about incredible Edible and I got the bug.  Here’s what I built. I admit its not huge, but taking the turf off was really hard work and took several days. It’s a circular plan which may look odd to some [...]

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Need some inspiration?

Need some inspiration I find Pinterest is a fantastic source have a quick look at some of the images I’ve collected so far http://pinterest.com/pensad/favorite-places-spaces/

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I love Mulch Quick lesson on Mulch:  Mulch is to the plant world what a quilt is for you in your bed. Let me explain. Mulch is a 10cm thick  layer of organic fibrous material like woodchips, compost, cocoa husks, pine bark, BRF etc This is how mulch works Mulch acts as a thermal insulation [...]

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Une fois de temps en temps la grenouille se repose

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Salon du jardin a Labège Toulouse en mars 2011

Greenfrog sera disponible sur le salon Côté jardin aux côtés de notre partenaire Ô jardin pour vous apporter infos, idées, inspiration et animations. Tout pour vous aider a préparer un super projet d’aménagement. Available at the salon côte jardin to give advice, ideas , inspiration and entertainment. Everything you need to organise you garden project. [...]

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New service: Garden coaching