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Penelope Stansfield

Architecte paysagiste, Toulouse


I’m Pen Stansfield – Landscape architect, designer, entrepreneur and Mum. I’ve been running my own Landscape practice since I was 21 in the UK; France and the Emirates.

I focus on helping families build gardens that will grow and evolve with their needs

Green frog garden design is a landscape design practice dedicated to serving homeowners in creating valuable, comfortable and durable outdoor spaces without compromising on environmental quality.

My years of experience can help you realise all the potentials and innovate in your garden.

I look forward to gardening with you soon.

Marion Delage

Landscape designer, Landscape graphics, Toulouse


Marion Delage, qualified landscape designer and co-founder of Greenfrog garden design !

Afer working in several regions in France, the Dordogne, the Loire Valley and in the Pyrenees I have finally settled in Toulouse to design gardens Its my job to listen to your requirements, imagine solutions, interpret your needs to come up with your unique garden design. I accompany our clients with the plans and illustrations, planting plans and other details to be able to build your garden project. I produce photomontages 3D illustrations and digital models of your garden project to show you what the garden will look like when it matures.
Im really passionate about my job and I look forward to meeting you.