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Our planting plans,

Simple! This is our core business.

We are able to draw planting plans and to create plant compositions that meet your expectations.

Of course your expectations are many, you may want drought resistance or biodiversity perhaps using  only local species from local nurseries.

Your priority may be the color of the blooms and the timing of the flowering?

Our planting plans are unique and personalized. Of course we use plants that are perfectly adapted to the nature of your soil, site exposure, hygrometry and orientation in order to obtain high performance results according to your criteria.

Our suppliers

We will always favor the supply of plants from local nurseries (that is to say, farms producing plants and not shops or garden centres that just sell plants). This makes it possible to have plant types that are much better adapted to local climate and soil and to have fewer losses in the recovery of plants after planting.

The style

The choice of style of your plantations and sometimes difficult to express. To address this problem we have prepared on the Pinterest platform “a board of ideas” called “planting” where we have gathered a collection of images of types of plantations, plant associations together, and another “board resource ” titled” plants “on which we have gathered images of isolated plants that together form a  palette that we use in Haute-Garonne. Links here


And if it’s all written in Latin ??

And yes, our planting plans are often expressed in Latin as the language of botany. This helps to be much more precise in the choice and identification of species the size and conditioning of the plant to be provided on site. Your planting plan will be readable and understandable by all professionals.

In order to make it more readable for you we can also give you common names for the selected plants. The plant palette is expressed through a flowering calendar that demonstrates the period when each species will flower. In order to have a succession of blooms throughout the year.

Example here

The art of plant composition

Whether you are a seasoned botanist or gardening beginner we will find a solution for your planting, using, color, texture, bark type, flowering period, silhouette and fragrance to create a composition to suit you.

Drop us a line if you would like us to help you with your garden