Garden coaching – Snazzy balcony or roof terrace

240,00 TTC

Service available after COVID 19 lockdown

Our garden coaching session “Snazzy balcony or roof terrace”, on site.

A coaching session all about unexploited potential of your terrace or balcony. The way we see it any outdoor space is an opportunity to create beautiful outdoor living space. We can help you design a layout, optimize your space to include vegetation, furniture and decor. Our goal: to transform your balcony into an extension of your apartment, a pleasant living room!


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This service includes:

– The preparation of the inventory plan, of your terrace / balcony (with the information you communicated to us during our first telephone exchange and the information available online). This plan will serve as a basis for our coaching session.

– A coaching session of 2 to 3 hours at home, in order to understand your project as a whole and to discuss the different possibilities available to you.

– In this session we will analyse the space you have in order to optimize it and bring furniture and plants, in planters, which are suitable for your exterior. Plants adapt more or less well to “above-ground” life, we will select the plants best suited to this kind of environment, sometimes very exposed to the wind.

– What are your needs, your desires but also your budget? Do you want to have a reception area, a small outdoor lounge, have your herb or vegetable planter? Are you facing south and need solutions to shade your exterior?

– We will advise you on the different materials, suppliers, craftsmen and construction techniques, to organize your living spaces. Questions about the installation of accessible and adjustable lighting to create a different atmosphere for your evenings …

– At the end of this coaching session, we will leave you all the éléments that we will have produced together: plans, sketches, notes, lists and drawings. You will always be able to contact us afterwards if you have any questions.

– You can already consult our Pinterest page: terrace and balcony, to give you ideas. We designed it as a suggestion box for those who want to enjoy their outdoor spaces.

€ 160 within the limit of 30 km around Lévignac. Kilometric charges will be added beyond this perimeter.


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