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Getting going

Once the project is designed and printed its time to get cracking on site.

Generally a landscape project looks worse before it get better.  Be prepared for your old garden to be ripped up and look terrible before it gets transformed into your new garden.

We’re very flexible , You can choose to create your new garden yourself, or by a contractor of your choice all we can help you select contractor for the build.

We are totally independent from the contractors and so we are free to select contractor providing the best value with all the insurances , qualifications experience and tools appropriate to the job.

And because nobody likes but nasty surprises we always try to find all the underground services before we even start

Usually the site supervision includes :

  • one meeting on site with contractor to explain the project help plan his or her organisation and the phasing of the work
  • a meeting to check all the earthworks and the preparation of the planting beds
  • further visits according to the specific nature of the project possibly : swimming pool, masonry, drainage, levels
  • a visit for the setting out of all the planting, we prefer to do this ourselves in order to respect the spacing of the plants on the plans to be able to create the style intended for the garden.
  • One visit to check and test irrigation system and snagging of defects
  • A final visit for handover at the end of work

Sometimes  one more visit some time later after the winter to check that the plants have survived and that the grassing has come up evenly

Drop us a line if you would like us to help you with your garden