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10 mars 2016 0 Comments

5 Reasons why you should consult a landscape architect on your garden design project

Here’s my 5 top  reasons you should consult a Landscape architect on your garden design project. 1. Landscape architects have a very wide based training in design, technology, materials, plants ecology and architecture which combined with their knowledge of the soil, climate local context etc. give them a perspective which enables them to find innovative […]

22 décembre 2015 0 Comments

Just a few considerations

I was doodling and the doodle turned into this… If you’ve ever wondered what a garden designer considers when designing your garden heres a few clues. This is just a few of the considerations to be taken into account when designing a garden and as you can see theres quite a few subjects which are […]

2 novembre 2015 0 Comments

Un projet de bassin écologique

Idées pour le projet de bassin écologique

Actuellement en cours: A la suite d’une séance de coaching nous avons choisi un bassin comme point clé de la réaménagement d’un jardin mature. L’étude d’un bassin écologique dans le Gers, la création d’un habitat aquatique a la place d’une ancienne piscine hors sol. le projet permettra de réutiliser la terrasse en bois existante et […]

9 octobre 2015 0 Comments

Renovation d’un  » English country garden »

Greenfrog renove! Un jardin mature dans le Yorkshire recevra un souffle nouveau avec l’intégration d’un jardin d’eau et de nouvelles plantations cet hiver.  

8 mars 2015 0 Comments

Could new garden furniture give your garden some Zing!

As you know I’m a big fan of Pinterest. Recently as I looked through all the gorgeous photos,  I realised how much some gardens rely on smart furniture to create a focal point or reinforce a colour theme in the garden. What do you think? Could your garden do with a spash of colour instead […]

8 mars 2015 0 Comments


At the first few days of good weather thoughts turn to the garden, forgotton through the dark months it’s starting to light up with the first flowers. I hurtled out to mow for the first time but once again I only mowed 90 percent because I just couldn’t bring my self to mow through the […]

20 novembre 2014 0 Comments

He who plants a garden, plants happiness

Greenfrog provide garden coaching services which seem to be getting more and more popular as public interest in « all things green » increases. Its actually my favourite part of my job, working directly on the kitchen table with real people in their gardens because every garden bring new challenges. Our garden advice sessions give: help with […]

10 septembre 2013 0 Comments

Les Composstibilites sont infinis

Combien nous oublions que le recyclage peut être infini. La matière organique de nos jardins, tonte de gazon et tailles, mauvaises herbes et feuilles sont recyclables dans votre compost. A chaque fois que vous faites évacuer de la matière organique de votre jardin dans « la poubelle verte » vous appauvrissez votre sol et votre […]

4 juin 2013 0 Comments

Ever had a mad urge to start a vegetable garden?

Ever had a mad urge to have a vegetable garden?  I watched a TED talk about incredible Edible and I got the bug.  Here’s what I built. I admit its not huge, but taking the turf off was really hard work and took several days. It’s a circular plan which may look odd to some […]

15 mai 2013 1 Comment

La Pépinière Cultidelta

This project, designed and planted by Cultidelta, is an experimental garden with indigenous plants adapted for hot dry climates. I look forward to seeing how the plants manage with no irrigation. Sustainable planting is going to have to be drought resistant