STANSFIELD DELAGE ASSOCIATES, a Franco British landscape design agency
specialising in garden design.

Stansfield Delage Associées

Landscape architects

Stansfield Delage Associates

Pénélope Stansfield

Architecte paysagiste

Award winning Landscape architect and garden designer, qualified in the UK, Pénélope has been running her own Landscape practice since she was 21. She has practiced in the UK, France and abroad on large public and private projects, including hotels and royal estates in the Emirates.
She particularly likes to focus on helping families build gardens that will grow and evolve with their needs.
Green frog is a garden design and landscape design practice dedicated to serving homeowners in creating valuable, comfortable and durable outdoor spaces without compromising on environmental quality.
Penelope’s wide experience can help you realise all the potentials and innovate in your garden.

Marion Delage

Landscape graphics and designer

Qualified landscape designer and graphics specialist, Marion brings designs to life. She creates lively visuals 2D and 3D, technical plans and illustrations to communicate all the details of garden design.
She started her career in Dordogne and has practiced in Angers, the Pyrenees as well as in Aquitaine.
Marion’s speciality is translating into plans the ideas that come from, sharing, and exchanging. She loves developing a concept into a construction project
From a concept plan to a full 3D render Marion uses her creative talent in employing multiple tools to produce visuals to help you visualise your garden project.
Marion is truly passionate about her projects.

Our Green Skills

Every site is different every garden is unique which is why Stansfield Delage Associées provides a wide range of services which can be tailored to your needs.

Garden coaching

All our consultations start with a garden coaching session.

The coaching session is a great way to create a precise and defined client brief for your project.

Our garden design process

Each garden design project requires four design stages

Conception paysagère 01
1 Site survey


– Identification and precise situation of your plots and buildings

– Topographic levels survey

– Identification of underground services


– Photographs of the entire site or garden

– Survey and analysis of the existing vegetation

– Creating before and after views


– Site analysis

– Creation of the survey

– Creation of presentation drawings

Conception paysagère 02
2 Concept design


– Definition of the client brief

– Analysis and design of your project

– Estimation of the project costs


– Création of the layout plan of the project

– Creation of detailled design plans

– Preparation of the presentation plans


– Image search to illustrate your project

– Creation of style sheets

– Creation of the presentation package.

Conception paysagère 03
3 Plans and visuals


– Analysis of the site survey “before” images

– Creation of the insertion of the project into the existing landscape

– Creation of “before and after” images


– Analysis  of the 2D views of the project and site levels

– Creation of the 3D model

– Creation of the 3D views and “walk through”  vidéo


– Site survey views

– On site project developement views

– Finished project views for “before and after” illustrations

Conception paysagère 04
4 Technical spécification plans


– Plans for the setting out of all the elements of the garden

– Creation of sections and elevations

– Creation of a presentation package


– Plant sélections and planting palettes

– Creation of detailled planting plans and plant supply lists

– Creation of the flowering calendar and plan schedules


– Analysis of local plannning obligations

– Préparation of planning applications

– Creation of the schedule of works and tender package

Coordination / Site monitoring / project management

The creation of your garden involves planning coordination and site supervision. Here’s how we proceed as we project manage the build before during and after the build.

  • Tender package

Our aim is to build your garden with great contractors at the right price so we rigorously select contractors who are trained, experienced, equipped and insured for the job.

We supply a full tender package of technical drawings, details and and sections so that the contractors can produce accurate quotes for the job.

  • Analysis of the offers

We analyse the quotes and supply a comparison of the offers to finalise the overall budget

We organise the work schedule and plan the onsite organisation.


  • We provide site supervision via regular meetings on site and coordination between all the contractors involved. This may include.
  • Initial setting out work and marking demolition or transplants
  • Checking groundworks and levels
  • Testing irrigation systems
  • Setting out planting and seeding
  • Checking and testing swimming pool construction.
  • Final Certification.

We are delighted to offer continued support and advice for the ongoing maintenance of the garden as it develops over the years.

All you have to do is enjoy it