Garden Design

Fivestages Process

Conception Jardin Occitanie
1) Etat des lieux

Precise survey of your plot
– Precise layout of your garden
– Topographical survey of your land
– Identification of existing underground services

Photographic report
– Taking of photographs of the whole garden
– Analysis of the existing plants and selection
– Realization of « Before / After » views

Creating the plans
– Analysis of the data collected.
– Realization of the plans on computer
– Elaboration of the presentation file

Concept Conception de jardin
2) Concept

– Definition of the specifications of the project
– Analysis and design of your project
– Identification of your budget

Layout plan
– Realization of the sketch on computer
– Design of the layout plans to scale.
– Elaboration of the presentation file

Style sheets
– Selection of images to reflect your project.
– Design of the style sheets
– Preparation of the presentation file

3) Visuels

3D imagery

  • Analysis of the layout plan (2D)
  • Transcription of the layout plan on software
  • Creation of 3D views and video


  • Images of site
  • Analysis and realization of the photographic montages
  • Elaboration of the « Before / After  » views

Aerial views

  • Drone photography of the site
  • Photographic record during the construction phase
  • Photographsof the finished garden for your « Before and After  » file
Conception paysagère 04
4) Plans techniques

Layout plans

  • Layout plans of the various elements of your project
  • Sections and elevations of the garden
  • Elaboration of the presentation file

Planting plans

  • Selection of plants adapted to your garden.
  • Drawing up of planting plans and plant lists
  • Design of the flowering calendar

Administrative documents and DQE

  • Analysis of the PLU and regulations
  • Completingapplications for planning permission.
  • Elaboration of the DQE (Detailed Quantity Survey) and specification

Coordination/ Site Monitoring/project management.

The creation of your garden involves planning coordination and site supervision. Here’s how we proceed as we project manage the build before during and after the build.



Before > During > After

  • Consultation of contractors

Our objective is your satisfaction. Therefore, we make sure to select competent and trustworthy craftsmen, equipped with the appropriate tools and machinery and concerned about the environment, close to your home. We also check the validity of their insurance. We provide them with all the technical elements and documents, including the DQE (Detailed Quantities and Estimates) to obtain detailed estimates. We ask them about the deadlines and the suppliers they work with.

  • Analysis of the proposals

We analyse and compare the quotations with precision to get you the best offer. A summary table is sent to you because the final decision is yours.



Before > During > After

  • Coordination and verification of the work’s progress

Regular meetings on site with the chosen companies to explain the project, its organization, it’s phasing, its implantation, to check the installation of all the elements of your future garden.

  • Site visits

According to the specificities of the project, we oversee the setting out and implant and check all the elements which make up your project: swimming pool, drainage, fence, gate, terrace, plantation… We check the foundations, the distribution of the plants, the functioning of the irrigation and the lighting, all the way through to the reception of the project.



Before > During > After

We will be happy to provide you with help and advice on how to best maintain your garden and allow it to flourish over the years.

You can now relax and enjoy your garden!