Garden Coaching

Garden coaching services in the Southwest of France

How get your garden design right!

Ideas, solutions, advice, Penelope Stansfield come to your home to answer all your questions and give you the benefit of their professional expertise in outdoor space design. Our duo accompanies individuals who wish to transform their garden throughout the Occitanie and Nouvelle Aquitaine

Have your heard of «garden coaching”?

It’s a consulting session held in your home that helps you to clearly express your desires and expectations, to adjust your project, to refine or re-evaluate your budget. You are fully involved in your project while being accompanied.

Why use the garden coaching service?

Our team of landscape architects is ready to guide you throughout your garden transformation project, regardless of the environment or the state of the garden, for example:

-You have a bare plot of land; you want to develop it but don’t know where to start

-You are wondering about the location of your future swimming pool

-You must take in hand a garden abandoned and unkempt by the former owner

-You have just built a house and your exterior looks like a battlefield

-You want to optimize your garden to minimize its maintenance

-You want your children and yourself to have their own spaces or, on the contrary, after the departure of your children you plan to reorganize your garden

-You arrive in the region and the soil, the climate, the local biodiversity is foreign to you…

These are all good reasons to plan a garden coaching session.

The steps of a personalized garden coaching with Green Frog

1 – To begin: we discuss your needs, set up an appointment together

You tell us your exact address so that we can locate your home (using tools such as Google Maps, Google Earth, Geoportal…), download the corresponding land parcel and evaluate its environment. These elements allow us to prepare a scale plan to serve as a basis for the session.

On your side, you can also prepare for our meeting by taking inspiration from our database classified by moods/themes on Pinterest.

2 – On the day: during the 3-hour garden coaching session

We start by taking a tour of your garden with you and getting to know you.

-We identify your current and future needs and desires

We draw up an inventory of your garden (constraints / opportunities)

We evaluate all the possible options while integrating your budget.

We determine together the main lines of your project, the organization of the spaces and plan its realization.

-Our service also includes maintenance advice, technical botanical explanations, hand-drawn sketches, lists of suitable plants, purchasing advice, etc.

What are the objectives of this intense and creative garden coaching?

To accompany you, to take the time to get to know you and to take a tour of your garden, all of which will allow you to imagine your ideal garden, reflecting your tastes and your lifestyle, within the budget range you have set for yourself.

If you wish, we can eventually, without any obligation or commitment on your part, establish an estimate for a more detailed study of the layout of your garden.

Is garden coaching session suitable for you? Contact us, give us a ring for a chat.

At GreenFrog, we are passionate about developing the potential of a garden. We look forward to working with you to create your perfect garden, whether it’s around Toulouse (31) or Mimizan (40), our team is at your side!

Contact us today to learn more about our garden coaching services or to get a personalized quote.