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Find us on Pinterest

Pinterest is a really fabulous source of ideas for gardens, and anything else really, I have created an account called Greenfrog garden design . Its a collection of boards where I have pulled together ideas for my clients. Tips & tricks and some good solutions to classic garden dilemas. I’ve made a plants board with […]

12 mai 2016 0 Comments

A first phase of a garden with the planting finished

This entrance garden was looking rather over grown and neglected               We had a big clear out and revealed a simple new lawn and put in pretty new plants with long flowering periods.  Neat new edges to the paths and borders will keep it looking tidy and make the […]

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5 Reasons why you should consult a landscape architect on your garden design project

Here’s my 5 top  reasons you should consult a Landscape architect on your garden design project. 1. Landscape architects have a very wide based training in design, technology, materials, plants ecology and architecture which combined with their knowledge of the soil, climate local context etc. give them a perspective which enables them to find innovative […]

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Just a few considerations

I was doodling and the doodle turned into this… If you’ve ever wondered what a garden designer considers when designing your garden heres a few clues. This is just a few of the considerations to be taken into account when designing a garden and as you can see theres quite a few subjects which are […]

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Could new garden furniture give your garden some Zing!

As you know I’m a big fan of Pinterest. Recently as I looked through all the gorgeous photos,  I realised how much some gardens rely on smart furniture to create a focal point or reinforce a colour theme in the garden. What do you think? Could your garden do with a spash of colour instead […]

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Jardin privé – St Marie Bellegarde 31

Actuellement en cours de réalisation hiver 2014/2015 A la  demande de mes clients – un jardin facile d’entretien qui permet de gérer la pente et rendre plus de la surface du jardin utile pour jouer et parcourir les différentes parties du jardin. Plan de plantations

24 novembre 2014 2 Comments

Château de Rivel – Venerque 31

Un Jardin Historique C’est dans l’environnement du «château de Rivel», que le projet prend vie. Le jardin existant autour du château fut remodeler. A certains endroits, des zones formelles, traditionnelles rappellent les jardins classiques français. D’autres espaces deviendront plus informels avec une inspiration des jardins à l’anglaise.  

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Jardin privé – Vielle Toulouse 31

Jardin de particulier Le terrain, située sur les coteaux au sud de Toulouse, consistait d’un vaste jardin et d’une habitation fraichement construite. La demande portait sur la création d’un ensemble Piscine / Terrasse couverte en contre-bas de la maison ainsi que de l’aménagement paysager entourant la propriété.  

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Need some inspiration?

Need some inspiration I find Pinterest is a fantastic source have a quick look at some of the images I’ve collected so far http://pinterest.com/pensad/favorite-places-spaces/

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So you really want to reduce the maintenance in your french garden ? part four

Garden maintenance, the war on weeds, call it as you wish it’s never going to go away. Here are my top tips for gradually changing your tactics so that you can spend less time working on your garden and more time enjoying it.   The follow up to part 3 is to say OK now […]